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Welcome Welcome~!

MLP-FiM Chatroom

Welcome to the official My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic DA :devart: group! We welcome you with open hooves and encourage you to join the group, but only if you decide to submit art! If you wish to just watch our activity, do just that; Watch! :+devwatch:

Now, for the rules!


Mature Art

We do not allow mature art! What does this mean, exactly? What are the standards, you may ask? Simple!

If it doesn't belong in a 90's Disney movie [Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, etc.] then it doesn't belong here! This means, specifically:

:bulletblue: very, VERY small amounts of blood. We're talking a maximum a cut on the arm. For example, if Scootaloo crashes her scooter and she has a cut on her face or something. That's OK. Dismemberment? No way!

:bulletblue: Shipping is allowed, but nothing overtly sexual. Kissing, hugging, cuddling, snuggling. All these things are perfectly acceptable. Anything beyond that, No way!

:bulletblue: Character death is allowed, but no blood and their eyes must be closed. Like said previously, Disney Standards. We're talking Mufasa-esque at the worst here, fillies and gentlecolts.



We have almost fifty folders and sub folders! Everything is organized to a magical degree! It seems like a lot, but when you submit, things should be a lot easier to understand!

We have Eleven main folders, and all of them lead to the many, many sub folders. Please make sure to make use of the sub folders! That is why we have them!

The Fan-fictions folder has been relocated to "Other", we still gladly accept Fan-fictions!

The Featured Folder is still locked to members. Everything else is open!

If you have any questions about the folders, where to find things, feel free to note or comment the group, or any of the staff. They will be happy to help you.

More about Folders


Quality Standard

We are one of the biggest groups on all of DeviantART, and because of that we get over 2,000 submissions a week. Because of that, we have a Quality Standard, to cut down on what actually gets into the group, and therefore into YOUR inbox's. Not everyone's work will be accepted, but you can take a look at our affiliates who will gladly take everyone's work, regardless of level.

:bulletblue: We have a minimum standard for what we will and won't allow into the group. Such things are posted with examples in the Admin Area, where the moderators are split into teams to judge certain types of art. [Digital, traditional, Artisan Crafts, Customs, Vectors, etc.]

:bulletblue: If your art is declined, and the moderators did not comment on it, then your deviation most likely does not meet the quality standard. This can be a hard pill to take, but please understand it's just as hard to give, so we tend to not comment on the deviation submission. People who cause a fuss about the Quality Standard will not be indulged.

:bulletblue: Please keep in mind that we do not accept Pony Creator pieces. These may be great for creating an initial reference of your character for you or an artist to draw from, but they will not be accepted into any folder.





allow Vectors in this group! There is no special folder for them; sort them by character like any other type of art. Thank you!



As a general rule, we expect our members to be fairly well behaved in the group area. Frustration is understandable in some instances, but please to not abuse our good humor.

:bulletblue: Don't be a brat and there won't be any trouble, basically. The staff is held at a standard to treat our members with respect. We expect the same from all of you.

:bulletblue: Do NOT comment asking why your deviation was declined. You will be ignored, and your comment will be hidden. If your post a link to a deviation you're wondering about, it will be marked as Spam.

:bulletblue: Our mods work hard to go through the massive quantity of submissions we receive each day. As such, on occasion some things slip through the cracks for reasons ranging from misclicks to simple exhaustion clouded judgement. If you see a piece that you feel doesn't meet our criteria, please drop us a note in the group telling us where in our gallery we can find it OR send a note with that information to Wooden-Flashlight or one of the maintenance mods, Zedrin, Fluffomaru, SoapBoxShouts or Mereneth and it will be looked into ASAP!


So here's what the new folders are going to be. This is just a list form, I'll provide a full explanation when the gallery opens again after the holidays. But here's your chance to offer feedback on the new folder system!! And suggestions on folders is welcome. There are probably some typos in here, so forgive that, but they'll be fixed in the final version. The only thing that should be noted is that there's no difference between main, sub, and sub-sub folders other than where they're located! They all have the same permissions and will show up in the drop-down menu on the submission pages. The gallery is still closed!

Main Folders
>Means a sub folder
>>Means a sub-sub folder

Mane Six and Spike
>Twilight Sparkle
>Rainbow Dash
>Pinkie Pie
>Spike the Dragon

>Queen Chrysalis
>>Chrysalis as Cadence
>Nightmare Moon
>Nightmare Rarity
>Sunset Shimmer
>>Sunset Satan
>Mane Six&/orSpike with Villains

>Princess Celestia
>Princess Luna
>>Nightmare Moon& Luna
>Princess Cadence
>>Shining Armor&Cadence
>Princess Twilight Sparkle
>Mane Six&/or Spike with Princesses

Minor and Background Characters
>Derpy Hooves/Dizy Doo
>Dinky Doo
>Dr. Whooves
>DJ PON-3/Vinyl Scratch
>Apple Family
>Big Macintosh
>TGAP Trixie
>Shining Armor
>Flash Sentry
>Diamond Tiara
>Silver Spoon
>Mr. & Mrs. Cake
>>Pound cake
>>Pumpkin Cake
>The Wonderbolts
>Fashion Ponies
>Daring Do
>Mane Six&/or Spike with background ponies
>Mane Six&/or Spike with minor characters & Antagonists

Cutie Mark Crusaders
>Sweetie Belle
>Babs Seed
>Mane Six&/or Spike with CMC

>Artistan Crafts
>>Custom Toys


Banners, Stamps, Animations, etc
>Journal Skins
>Cursors/Desktop Icons
>Animated sprites

>Show Elements
>>Elements of Harmony
>>Tree of Harmony
>Equestria Girls
>>One-shot comics
>>Multi-chapter comics

Original Characters
>Earth Ponies
>Bat Ponies
>Other Non-Pony OCs
>de Lancie Pony
>Equestria Girls OCs

>>Minecraft Art
>Video Games
>FIM Version of otherGen ponies
>Crossover comics

>Completed works
>WIP Fics
More Journal Entries


MLP-FiM Admins. These are the people that you can contact in case you have a question or two. It is recommended that you contact Wooden-Flashlight, the Founder, for more important material.

The Tyrannical Princess



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MoongazePonies 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, who ruined this group? What the hell happened?
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Hi there mlp-fim. Im afraid i am going to have to leave this group. I havent been able to submit in 4 months, and its kind of just a waste of space. When the galleries are finally opened agian, you can contact me via note and i will join again but since the owners and admins arent really active anymore I do not see that happening any time soon... :( peace now...
Posieki11y 4 days ago  New member
Hello there.
Is it exceptable for me to join. I know the rules.
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