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Welcome Welcome~!

MLP-FiM Chatroom

Welcome to the official My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Group! We're so happy to have you!

Now, for the rules!


Mature Art

We do not allow mature art! What does this mean, exactly? What are the standards, you may ask? Simple!

If it doesn't belong in a 90's Disney movie [Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, etc.] then it doesn't belong here! This means, specifically:

:bulletblue: very, VERY small amounts of blood. We're talking a maximum a cut on the arm. For example, if Scootaloo crashes her scooter and she has a cut on her face or something. That's OK. Dismemberment? No way!

:bulletblue: Shipping is allowed, but nothing overtly sexual. Kissing, hugging, cuddling, snuggling. All these things are perfectly acceptable. Anything beyond that, No way!

:bulletblue: Character death is allowed, but no blood and their eyes must be closed. Like said previously, Disney Standards. We're talking Mufasa-esque at the worst here, fillies and gentlecolts.

The Featured Folder is still locked to members. Everything else is open!

If you have any questions about the folders, where to find things, feel free to note or comment the group, or any of the staff. They will be happy to help you.


Quality Standard

We are one of the biggest groups on all of DeviantART, and because of that we get over 2,000 submissions a week. Because of that, we have a Quality Standard, to cut down on what actually gets into the group, and therefore into YOUR inbox's. Not everyone's work will be accepted, but you can take a look at our affiliates who will gladly take everyone's work, regardless of level.

:bulletblue: We have a minimum standard for what we will and won't allow into the group. Such things are posted with examples in the Admin Area, where the moderators are split into teams to judge certain types of art. [Digital, traditional, Artisan Crafts, Customs, Vectors, etc.]

:bulletblue: If your art is declined, and the moderators did not comment on it, then your deviation most likely does not meet the quality standard. This can be a hard pill to take, but please understand it's just as hard to give, so we tend to not comment on the deviation submission. People who cause a fuss about the Quality Standard will not be indulged.

:bulletblue: Please keep in mind that we do not accept Pony Creator pieces. These may be great for creating an initial reference of your character for you or an artist to draw from, but they will not be accepted into any folder.





allow Vectors in this group! There is no special folder for them; sort them by character like any other type of art. Thank you!



As a general rule, we expect our members to be fairly well behaved in the group area. Frustration is understandable in some instances, but please to not abuse our good humor.

:bulletblue: Don't be a brat and there won't be any trouble, basically. The staff is held at a standard to treat our members with respect. We expect the same from all of you.

Do NOT comment asking why your deviation was declined. You will be ignored, and your comment will be hidden. If your post a link to a deviation you're wondering about, it will be marked as Spam.

:bulletblue: Our mods work hard to go through the massive quantity of submissions we receive each day. As such, on occasion some things slip through the cracks for reasons ranging from misclicks to simple exhaustion clouded judgement. If you see a piece that you feel doesn't meet our criteria, please drop us a note in the group telling us where in our gallery we can find it OR send a note with that information to Wooden-Flashlight and it will be looked into ASAP!


Folder Guide~!

Journal Entry: Thu May 22, 2014, 8:42 AM
Here's the folder guide for submitting.

Main Folder
>Sub folder
>>Sub-sub folder

If you have any questions, just leave a comment or send a message to the group or myself, Wooden-Flashlight. I'll be opening the gallery now but it'll take a little while to get all the folders set up! Please be patient!

Mane Six and Spike
A folder for Two or More of the Mane Six and Spike. Twilight and Rainbow Dash? Here. Rarity and Spike? Here. Examples:
Mane Six by GreyRadian Sleeping Mane Six by Doctor-G Bat mane six by Vector-Brony Spike Reminiscing by SlateDragon MLP:FiM My Little Dragons by shaloneSK
>Twilight Sparkle
This folder is for Non-Princess Twilight Sparkle only. Before she was a Princess she was a very talented unicorn. Her images go here. Princess Twilight has her own folder. Examples:
Twilight Sparkle by LittleGreenFrog Twilight Sparkle by ikillyou121 Feathering Twilight by BambooDog
For only Fluttershy alone, or with animals like Angel!
Flutterbat is super popular, I thought I'd make her a folder. This is for Flutterbat alone, with no-one else. If it's Flutterbat+ Mane Six, it goes in the main folder.
Rarity alone! Or with her work, of course.
>Rainbow Dash
Just a folder for Dash all by herself.
>Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie's folder! Only for her and her clones.
Applejack and Winona go here!
>Spike the Dragon
Spike all by his lonesome. Or maybe with Owlowlicious.
>Rainbow Power Mane Six
Fan-art for the Rainbow Power versions of the Mane Six!

A folder for two or more of the villains. Examples:
Chrysalis Nightmare by slifertheskydragon Discord vs Chrysalis by HereticOfDune Real Men play Candyland by peachiekeenie
Just Discord alone!
>Queen Chrysalis
Chrysalis alone! Changelings with her are also allowed.
Any art of JUST Changelings!
>>Chrysalis as Cadence
A folder for then Chrysalis was disguised as Cadence. Examples:
I Have Fooled Them All by DandyDesigns  Evil Cadence Vector by Proenix Evil Imposter Princess Cadence MLP FiM by OMG-Chibi
>Nightmare Moon
A folder for Nightmare Moon! NOT WITH LUNA!
>Nightmare Rarity
For all your Nightmare Rarity needs. Includes her minions as well. [Not Spike though]
>Sunset Shimmer
Sunset Shimmer! In pony and Equestria Girls form.
>>Sunset Satan
...Annd a folder for her demonic form as well.
Tirek and it many forms!
Mane-iac the supervillian goes here! Her lackies are invited too.
>Non-Villains with Villains
A folder for any pictures you have of these baddies and their victims and/or heroes! Examples:
Discord by slifertheskydragon  Discord by Promilie  The Stars Will Aid Her Escape by maocha

A folder for TWO or MORE Princesses. This includes Princess Twilight, Cadence, Celestia, and Luna. Examples:
Princesses by LessaNamidairo The Princesses of Equestria by neodarkwing three princesses by egophiliac
>Princess Celestia
Celestia's folder! Only Celestia by herself goes here.
>Princess Luna
The Princess of the Night only!
>>Nightmare Moon& Luna
For those times when Luna is visited by her alterego...
>Princess Cadence
Our lovely Crystal Heart Princess' folder!
>>Shining Armor&Cadence
For images of the happy couple. Shining Armor has his own folder down in Minor/Background characters!
>Princess Twilight Sparkle
Images of Alicorn Twilight only. Unicorn Twilight goes in the Twilight Sparkle folder up in Mane Six & Spike.
>Groups w/ Princesses
A folder for any image with a Princess and companions that aren't villains. Examples:
Princess Coronation by 90Sigma Princess Celestia Pokes Twilight Sparkle by 90Sigma Flash Sentry and Princess Twilight Sparkle by ChainChomp2

Minor and Background Characters
This folder is for Minor/Background characters that don't have their own older, or for 2+ of them.
Background Pony Background by SirPayne  Twist by Mn27 Blossomforth by MarelynMayhem The Antagonist Six by Vector-Brony
>Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo
For all your Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo needs.
>Dinky Doo
Dinky Doos only!
>Dr. Whooves
Dr. Whooves alone. And maybe with his TARDIS.
Lyra alone, Bon-Bon alone, or them together.
>DJ PON-3/Vinyl Scratch
For the infamous DJ-pony only!
But if Classical music is more your thing... Octavia's the only one allowed here.
Cheerilee all by her lonesome! [Just how she likes it, right?]
>Apple Family
For all those Apple Family members that are hard to keep track of. Like Granny Smith or Apple Bumpkin.
>Big Macintosh
Yeeeup. Big Mac only!
For our favorite Zebra friend, this is her folder 'til the end!
>TGAP Trixie
>Shining Armor
Shining Armor all by himself.
>Flash Sentry
Flash as a pony goes here!
>Diamond Tiara
She wanted her own folder.
>Silver Spoon
Well Diamond Tiara has one! Silver Spoon wanted one too.
>Mr. & Mrs. Cake
For Cupcake and Carrot Cake, either alone or together, or with thier babies.
>>Pound Cake
For pictures of Pound Cake alone.
>>Pumpkin Cake
For pictures of Pumpkin Cake all alone.
>The Wonderbolts
Group or unnamed Wonderbolts go here.
A folder for the Wonderbolt Soarin.
For all your Spitfire needs!
>Fashion Ponies
Any Fashion pony goes here. From Photo Finish to her makeup artists, from Sapphire Shores to her background dancers. They all go here!
All the Griffons in the series. Including Gilda, or the Equestria Games contestants.
Pipsqueak only!
>Daring Do
Daring Do deserves her own folder. You know, being real and all.
A folder for the little adorable darlings. [Does not include Breezy versions of other characters]
For this baddie only.
>The Flim Flam Brothers
Any and all pictures of the Flim Flams together, with no one else.
>Maud Pie
For Maud and her Rocks.
>Cheese Sandwich
For our dear Cheese Sandwich pony. Boneless can come too.
>Group Pictures
A folder for images that have groups that include Minor, Background, or Main characters all together. Examples:
Magic Makes it all Complete by Karzahnii Rarity's Family by Vector-Brony  Pinkie Pie's Family by Vector-Brony

Cutie Mark Crusaders
A folder for two or more of the Cuite Mark Crusaders.
Just Applebloom.
Scootaloo alone!
>Sweetie Belle
Sweetie Belles only!
>Babs Seed
Babs Seed, art of her and only her!
>Mane Six&/or Spike with CMC
For all images that have the Mane Six and/or Spike with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Examples:
Rarity and Sweetie Belle by ArteenEsben  Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo - Snuggle! by RainbowPlasma  Applejack and Applebloom by Saveman71

Artistan Crafts
This folder is locked. Nothing should be submitted here, that's what the sub folders are for.
For custom plushies only!
>>Custom Toys
For customized toys.
For figures and the like made from scratch!
Blankets, quilts, or anything else that doesn't fit in the other catagories!
For cosplays based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!
For clothes based on MLP: FIM!

For sketches or black-and-white work.
For WIPs on all mediums, including Artisan Crafts.

This folder is locked. Anything you need to submit will fall under the sub-folders.
>Show Elements
For art of things like inanimate objects from the show.
>>Elements of Harmony
For art of the Elements of Harmony by themselves.
>>Cutie Marks
For vectors of cutie marks!
for vectors or pre-drawn backgrounds based on the show.
All of the Mane Six's pets go here, alone with anyone else's pets. No, Spike is not a pet.
Human/Anthro art!
>Equestria Girls
Equestria Girls fanart!
>>Rainbow Rocks
And art for the sequel, Rainbow Rocks! MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS
Locked, chose one of the following two folders.
>>One-shot comics
For one-page comics or comics that have only one chapter.
>>Multi-chapter comics
For fan-art comics that have more than one chapter.
Photos from conventions that aren't of cosplay, or photomanipulations of ponies in the Real World.
>>Canon toys
Un-customized canon toys. This includes canon plushies, keychains, and the like.
>Banners, Stamps, Animations, etc
Locked. Chose one of the following folders.
For DeviantART stamps.
All animations go here! Animated stamps or sprites do not.
Made a header for a DeviantART skin? Goes here!
>>Journal Skins
For all your Journal Skin needs.
>>Cursors/Desktop Icons
Icons, cursors, or whatever else you want for your computer. Chrome or Folder icons go here.
>>Animated sprites
For animated pixel-icons, or sprites like the ones in Desktop Ponies.

Original Characters
For group images of OCs of different types. Examples:
YOU Dot Dot Dot by BambooDog RP group by DILeak SALT Pony Group by Shadowwolf  Cobalt and FRIENDS by Centchi
>Pegasi OCs
>Unicorns OCs
>Earth Pony OCs
>Bat Pony OCs
>Alicorn OCs
>Zebra OCs
>Donkeys/Mules/Burrows OCs
>Dragon OCs
>Griffon OCs
>Other Non-Pony OCs
>Fluffle Puff
>Equestria Girls OCs
>OC and Canon characters
For OCs with Canon characters in the same image. Examples:
KIRIBAN 55,555 by Eru-kun Children of the Night by teammagix Fluffle Puff and Queen Chrysalis by TsaoShin

Locked. Pick fom the following folders for your work.
Sci-Fi Pony crossovers only. Can be with other franchises or original.
Fantasy Pony crossovers only. Can also be from other franchises.
Minecraft crossover.
>>Minecraft Art
Sub-folder for when people make art/pictures/models in Minecraft of Ponies.
>Video Games
For Pony crossovers with Video Games.
>FIM Version of otherGen ponies
Friendship is Magic style for canon ponies from other generations of MLP.
All Surprise fanart goes here!!

Locked. Pick a sub-folder to submit to.
>Completed works
Fully completed works here. One-shots or fully completely multi-chapter.
Previews, for if you chose to host your fiction on another website, such as Ao3, and chose to leave a preview on DA with a link to the full fiction on another site.
>WIP Fics
Work in Progress fictions. Single chapters for multi-chapter fictions go here until the work is completed.

More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

Artisan Crafts


MLP-FiM Admins. These are the people that you can contact in case you have a question or two. It is recommended that you contact Wooden-Flashlight, the Founder, for more important material.

The Tyrannical Princess

The Grand Viziers


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