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Moderator Applications OPEN!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 10, 2015, 6:11 PM
Hello all! It's been a while, I know. Currently we're in desperate need of moderators, so I'm going to open slots again for people to come volunteer to vote. Since summer is here and a lot of people are off on break from college and other schools, I thought now would be the perfect time to open them.

How do I become a mod?

Send me Wooden-Flashlight a Note. The application format is listed below, but please read the types of mods and their roles first.

We need mods who will vote on specific types of art. The Mod types are broken down into teams:

-Digital Art Team
-Traditional Art Team
-Customs Team
-Plushies Team
-Artisan Craft Team
-Mixed Media team
-Fan-Fiction team

We get _hundreds_ of submissions a day that need to be voted on by _at least_ two people. They need to be judged for their quality standard, maturity, and to make sure it's not theft, or used without permission- or generally breaking the rules of the group or DA. I'll explain the general job of each team.

Digital Art Team
This is the team that votes on digital art, only. These people must be well versed in digital media to be able to properly judge quality. These people need to be able to determine the difference between low-quality art and differing styles, in addition to making sure no art theft happens. There may be a secondary team of people who work on Vectors only, but at this time I don't think that's needed.

Traditional Art Team
Votes on traditional art, only. Must be versed in traditional media. This group must look out specifically for bad scans and/or photos of traditional art. Even if the art itself is up to quality, a bad photo or scan of a piece will not be allowed. Scans of art with lines from notebook paper are also not allowed.

Customs Team
Must vote on custom MLP toys! This counts only for those made from a bait- a canon toy that is modified. Must be able to verify that it is is good-quality custom.

Plushies Team
These guys vote on our plushies! Basically to keep WIPs and low-quality photos into the gallery.

Artisan Craft Team
Vote on all artisan crafts that aren't customs or plushies. Statues, paper crafts, jewelry, clothes. Very wide subject range. Again, no bad photos or WIPS.

Mixed Media Team
For voting on mixed media; for example, a digital pony put into a photograph, or even a canon toy's photograph taken. This is basically the "other" and many people will be put into this team as well.

Fan-Fictions Team
The hardest mod, to be honest. These people must READ every fan-fic that comes into our inbox and judge it's quality and if it belongs in the group. Determine if it is within our rules [for maturity, subject matter, and folder it belongs in.] We need a large-ish team for Fan-fics so that not 1-2 people are reading fics. We still need a two-vote system for these.

To put in your mod application, send me [ Wooden-Flashlight ] a note with your application. Format below.

To: wooden-flashlight
Subject: Mod Application [Which team]

Go by name/handle:
Hours available:
Notable skills:
Why I Qualify for this team:
Why I want to be a Mod:
(Optional) References: [NOTE: This can be individual people, groups you've made/work for, your own artwork, anything you feel is an example of your qualifying.]

Go ahead and put in your application! You don't know until you try, after all!
Thank you all for your patience as we transition into the new staff. We should have efficiency back in the next week or so.

Folder Guide~!

Journal Entry: Thu May 22, 2014, 8:42 AM
Here's the folder guide for submitting.

Main Folder
>Sub folder
>>Sub-sub folder

If you have any questions, just leave a comment or send a message to the group or myself, Wooden-Flashlight. I'll be opening the gallery now but it'll take a little while to get all the folders set up! Please be patient!

Mane Six and Spike
A folder for Two or More of the Mane Six and Spike. Twilight and Rainbow Dash? Here. Rarity and Spike? Here. Examples:
Mane Six by GreyRadian Sleeping Mane Six by Doctor-G Bat mane six by Vector-Brony Spike Reminiscing by SlateDragon MLP:FiM My Little Dragons by shaloneSK
>Twilight Sparkle
This folder is for Non-Princess Twilight Sparkle only. Before she was a Princess she was a very talented unicorn. Her images go here. Princess Twilight has her own folder. Examples:
Twilight Sparkle by FrogMakesArt Twilight Sparkle by ikillyou121 Feathering Twilight by BambooDog
For only Fluttershy alone, or with animals like Angel!
Flutterbat is super popular, I thought I'd make her a folder. This is for Flutterbat alone, with no-one else. If it's Flutterbat+ Mane Six, it goes in the main folder.
Rarity alone! Or with her work, of course.
>Rainbow Dash
Just a folder for Dash all by herself.
>Pinkie Pie
Pinkie Pie's folder! Only for her and her clones.
Applejack and Winona go here!
>Spike the Dragon
Spike all by his lonesome. Or maybe with Owlowlicious.
>Rainbow Power Mane Six
Fan-art for the Rainbow Power versions of the Mane Six!

A folder for two or more of the villains. Examples:
Chrysalis Nightmare by slifertheskydragon Discord vs Chrysalis by HereticOfDune Real Men play Candyland by peachiekeenie
Just Discord alone!
>Queen Chrysalis
Chrysalis alone! Changelings with her are also allowed.
Any art of JUST Changelings!
>>Chrysalis as Cadence
A folder for then Chrysalis was disguised as Cadence. Examples:
I Have Fooled Them All by DandyDesigns  Evil Cadence Vector by Proenix Evil Imposter Princess Cadence MLP FiM by OMG-Chibi
>Nightmare Moon
A folder for Nightmare Moon! NOT WITH LUNA!
>Nightmare Rarity
For all your Nightmare Rarity needs. Includes her minions as well. [Not Spike though]
>Sunset Shimmer
Sunset Shimmer! In pony and Equestria Girls form.
>>Sunset Satan
...Annd a folder for her demonic form as well.
Tirek and it many forms!
Mane-iac the supervillian goes here! Her lackies are invited too.
>Non-Villains with Villains
A folder for any pictures you have of these baddies and their victims and/or heroes! Examples:
Discord by slifertheskydragon  :thumb273255844:  The Stars Will Aid Her Escape by maocha

A folder for TWO or MORE Princesses. This includes Princess Twilight, Cadence, Celestia, and Luna. Examples:
Princesses by LessaNamidairo The Princesses of Equestria by neodarkwing three princesses by egophiliac
>Princess Celestia
Celestia's folder! Only Celestia by herself goes here.
>Princess Luna
The Princess of the Night only!
>>Nightmare Moon& Luna
For those times when Luna is visited by her alterego...
>Princess Cadence
Our lovely Crystal Heart Princess' folder!
>>Shining Armor&Cadence
For images of the happy couple. Shining Armor has his own folder down in Minor/Background characters!
>Princess Twilight Sparkle
Images of Alicorn Twilight only. Unicorn Twilight goes in the Twilight Sparkle folder up in Mane Six & Spike.
>Groups w/ Princesses
A folder for any image with a Princess and companions that aren't villains. Examples:
Princess Coronation by 90Sigma Princess Celestia Pokes Twilight Sparkle by 90Sigma Flash Sentry and Princess Twilight Sparkle by ChainChomp2

Minor and Background Characters
This folder is for Minor/Background characters that don't have their own older, or for 2+ of them.
Background Pony Background by SirPayne  Twist by Mn27 Blossomforth by MarelynMayhem The Antagonist Six by Vector-Brony
>Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo
For all your Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo needs.
>Dinky Doo
Dinky Doos only!
>Dr. Whooves
Dr. Whooves alone. And maybe with his TARDIS.
Lyra alone, Bon-Bon alone, or them together.
>DJ PON-3/Vinyl Scratch
For the infamous DJ-pony only!
But if Classical music is more your thing... Octavia's the only one allowed here.
Cheerilee all by her lonesome! [Just how she likes it, right?]
>Apple Family
For all those Apple Family members that are hard to keep track of. Like Granny Smith or Apple Bumpkin.
>Big Macintosh
Yeeeup. Big Mac only!
For our favorite Zebra friend, this is her folder 'til the end!
>TGAP Trixie
>Shining Armor
Shining Armor all by himself.
>Flash Sentry
Flash as a pony goes here!
>Diamond Tiara
She wanted her own folder.
>Silver Spoon
Well Diamond Tiara has one! Silver Spoon wanted one too.
>Mr. & Mrs. Cake
For Cupcake and Carrot Cake, either alone or together, or with thier babies.
>>Pound Cake
For pictures of Pound Cake alone.
>>Pumpkin Cake
For pictures of Pumpkin Cake all alone.
>The Wonderbolts
Group or unnamed Wonderbolts go here.
A folder for the Wonderbolt Soarin.
For all your Spitfire needs!
>Fashion Ponies
Any Fashion pony goes here. From Photo Finish to her makeup artists, from Sapphire Shores to her background dancers. They all go here!
All the Griffons in the series. Including Gilda, or the Equestria Games contestants.
Pipsqueak only!
>Daring Do
Daring Do deserves her own folder. You know, being real and all.
A folder for the little adorable darlings. [Does not include Breezy versions of other characters]
For this baddie only.
>The Flim Flam Brothers
Any and all pictures of the Flim Flams together, with no one else.
>Maud Pie
For Maud and her Rocks.
>Cheese Sandwich
For our dear Cheese Sandwich pony. Boneless can come too.
>Group Pictures
A folder for images that have groups that include Minor, Background, or Main characters all together. Examples:
Magic Makes it all Complete by Karzahnii Rarity's Family by Vector-Brony  Pinkie Pie's Family by Vector-Brony

Cutie Mark Crusaders
A folder for two or more of the Cuite Mark Crusaders.
Just Applebloom.
Scootaloo alone!
>Sweetie Belle
Sweetie Belles only!
>Babs Seed
Babs Seed, art of her and only her!
>Mane Six&/or Spike with CMC
For all images that have the Mane Six and/or Spike with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Examples:
Rarity and Sweetie Belle by ArteenEsben  Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo - Snuggle! by RainbowPlasma  :thumb293770910:

Artistan Crafts
This folder is locked. Nothing should be submitted here, that's what the sub folders are for.
For custom plushies only!
>>Custom Toys
For customized toys.
For figures and the like made from scratch!
Blankets, quilts, or anything else that doesn't fit in the other catagories!
For cosplays based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!
For clothes based on MLP: FIM!

For sketches or black-and-white work.
For WIPs on all mediums, including Artisan Crafts.

This folder is locked. Anything you need to submit will fall under the sub-folders.
>Show Elements
For art of things like inanimate objects from the show.
>>Elements of Harmony
For art of the Elements of Harmony by themselves.
>>Cutie Marks
For vectors of cutie marks!
for vectors or pre-drawn backgrounds based on the show.
All of the Mane Six's pets go here, alone with anyone else's pets. No, Spike is not a pet.
Human/Anthro art!
>Equestria Girls
Equestria Girls fanart!
>>Rainbow Rocks
And art for the sequel, Rainbow Rocks! MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS
Locked, chose one of the following two folders.
>>One-shot comics
For one-page comics or comics that have only one chapter.
>>Multi-chapter comics
For fan-art comics that have more than one chapter.
Photos from conventions that aren't of cosplay, or photomanipulations of ponies in the Real World.
>>Canon toys
Un-customized canon toys. This includes canon plushies, keychains, and the like.
>Banners, Stamps, Animations, etc
Locked. Chose one of the following folders.
For DeviantART stamps.
All animations go here! Animated stamps or sprites do not.
Made a header for a DeviantART skin? Goes here!
>>Journal Skins
For all your Journal Skin needs.
>>Cursors/Desktop Icons
Icons, cursors, or whatever else you want for your computer. Chrome or Folder icons go here.
>>Animated sprites
For animated pixel-icons, or sprites like the ones in Desktop Ponies.

Original Characters
For group images of OCs of different types. Examples:
YOU Dot Dot Dot by BambooDog RP group by DILeak SALT Pony Group by Shadowwolf  Cobalt and FRIENDS by Centchi
>Pegasi OCs
>Unicorns OCs
>Earth Pony OCs
>Bat Pony OCs
>Alicorn OCs
>Zebra OCs
>Donkeys/Mules/Burrows OCs
>Dragon OCs
>Griffon OCs
>Other Non-Pony OCs
>Fluffle Puff
>Equestria Girls OCs
>OC and Canon characters
For OCs with Canon characters in the same image. Examples:
KIRIBAN 55,555 by Eru-kun Children of the Night by teammagix Fluffle Puff and Queen Chrysalis by TsaoShin

Locked. Pick fom the following folders for your work.
Sci-Fi Pony crossovers only. Can be with other franchises or original.
Fantasy Pony crossovers only. Can also be from other franchises.
Minecraft crossover.
>>Minecraft Art
Sub-folder for when people make art/pictures/models in Minecraft of Ponies.
>Video Games
For Pony crossovers with Video Games.
>FIM Version of otherGen ponies
Friendship is Magic style for canon ponies from other generations of MLP.
All Surprise fanart goes here!!

Locked. Pick a sub-folder to submit to.
>Completed works
Fully completed works here. One-shots or fully completely multi-chapter.
Previews, for if you chose to host your fiction on another website, such as Ao3, and chose to leave a preview on DA with a link to the full fiction on another site.
>WIP Fics
Work in Progress fictions. Single chapters for multi-chapter fictions go here until the work is completed.

We're back in business!

Journal Entry: Mon May 19, 2014, 2:35 PM
I know, right? I'm sure a lot of you thought the group was dead!

Long story short; the reason the group was closed for so long [read: the entire of season 4] was because DeviantART was simply not working with me in organizing the gallery like I wanted.

But, the gallery is fully organized now and I will be putting up a folder guide later today, then finally opening the group again!

The usual limits apply: 1 Deviation, per folder, per week. 2 votes. We still have a quality standard and to not allow mature art.

Other Rules:

>We do not allow screen shots from the show.

>Vectors are still allowed and should be put into folders like any other forms of art.

>Scrap Book is for black and white/sketches. The WIP folder is only for WIPs that are very close to done or look nice or are for lineart you plan to color.

>DO NOT ABUSE THE PREVIEW FANFICTION FOLDER. I put it there because some people, myself included, prefers how my work looks and is presented on other sites, such and Ao3. However, if you try to submit a 'clean' preview that leads to a mature work on another site, you will be in big trouble! Rawr!

>I've made a “Rainbow Power Mane Six” folder. This is because I know a lot of people didn't like the Rainbow Power designs and might not want to see them everywhere, so they'll be put into one. It's only one folder, there isn't ones for specific ponies, so just put all Mane Six Rainbow Power images [sans plushies, toys, cosplay, or fashion!] in there. If you make a Rainbow Power version of another pony, sort it like anything else.

>This is the same for the “Rainbow Rocks” folder, a sub-folder of the Equestria Girls folder.

>Equestria Girls has it's own folder now, separate from “Human or Anthro”.

I'll be going ahead and making a folder guide now, it should be done in a few hours from the time of posting this. There are around 130 folders now, which is thankfully far below the limit. If anyone has any questions, feel free to message me, Wooden-Flashlight or note the group.  

Long story, for those who want to know what happened:

Some of you may recall that there was a debate on what to do with the gallery, and it was decided to put 2011-2013 into an archive for people to look at, and then make new folders for the new gallery.

Everything was working fine until I ran into a limit on how many folders a group can have, which was an arbitrary number. There was literally no actual reason for it besides the fact that whoever was writing the code very clearly just putting in a random number. So, this put a huge hamper in my gallery idea, because I still needed to make Twenty-six more folders to complete the gallery like I wanted.

So, we decided to start collapsing the Archive. Taking everything from, say, Princess Celestia and putting it into “Princesses”. While doing this some of the deviations were sent to the new “Princesses” folder and not the archive one, as some of you may have seen.

Well, this was a very long, difficult process and DA was not working with me. It wouldn't load. It wouldn't save. It kept randomly clicking on folders I didn't want, or I would find out later that it miscalculated my clicking entirely to send art to random folders.

Then, it stopped working all together. I could only move one deviation at a time. It was awful!

It just got worse from there. Eventually I couldn't even open the Archive folder period. It would take me to a broken page no matter what I did.

And finally, finally, the last straw. I'm not sure if this happened before I noticed or if it happened when I couldn't get in. But when I went into the Archive folder, almost everything was gone. It was just gone. I went through and could find no deviations except for in a fandom few sub folders, I think maybe 3 tops. All gone.

Devastated, but unable to do anything to save it, I went in and deleted all the folders, so that I could finally get the group up and running again.

Alright, I'm gonna be shutting the gallery down tonight to start up the gallery re-haul. I'll make another journal when it's re-opened, with a diagram of the folders and how to use them!
Scratch the entire debate, because a third solution has come to my attention via parallellogic and Mudpony. THANK YOU BOTH, you've saved everyone a lot of hassle and stress. [I think I'm gonna marry you both now, seriously, I'm about to cry from relief here]

Option 3; the option I'm going to go with because it's basically the best of both worlds:

Take all of the old folders, put them in an "Archive" folder, and lock them from submission. They still exist, anyone/everyone can still go look at them, and they will be there on display forever. The reason this never occurred to me is because I was unaware that folders that are locked from submission do not appear on the drop-down menu, because they always showed up for me. This is because I'm the founder/admin, but that never really clicked with me. I'll be locking them to everyone, including myself.

That being said, NEW folders are going to be made, all empty and new and sparkling. 8D This way, we can simply close the gallery for a few days while organization happens, and then we open for new submissions with new quality standards, and go through to prune the OLD gallery at our leisure without any rush for opening it for submissions.

This is what we're going to do, and I'm going to start it by tonight. Don't worry, I'll be making a journal telling everyone the gallery is closed!

So a while back I made a poll. I decided that the group needed a re-haul since it's been getting a bit stagnant. WELL, I came to two conclusions; the gallery is a bit of a mess right now; folders are filling up and replacements are having to be made every month or every other month- which I think is ridiculous since they hadn't filled up for over a year before, but now they're filling up like crazy!

Anyway, a huge pruning has been done on the moderator staff; which will help a lot with the constant taking-forever-to-vote and whatnot; we now only have 16 mods.

But besides that, there's the problem with the gallery. There are TWO ways we can go about this. The poll was so close [less than 10% difference between the two] I decided to make a discussion journal on the subject for more extended back-and-forth. I'll provide each with a pros and cons list.

Option One:
>Comb through the gallery manually and remove old, against the rules, or in storage art to clean up the gallery.<

-The archive of all the art that's been submitted thus far will remain.
-The folders and their names won't change, nor will their location.
-Old artwork from users who are inactive/won't be around to re-submit will still be there.
-No one will have to re-submit.

-The gallery will be closed for all submissions until the gallery is cleaned out. Since it's the holidays, I wouldn't expect the gallery to be open again until after the new year.
-New folders will have to be made to replace the full ones, adding more to the clutter.
-This is a painstaking task for the mods. Seriously, it's a huge pain in the butt, especially for mods who don't have a subscription.

Option Two:
>Delete the entire gallery; go completely clean slate and remove every folder and every deviation within them and make brand new, empty ones.<

-Faster. This will be done and set up in at most two days.
-Submissions will be open again before the holidays.
-A clean slate for new folders, which provides better organization and smoother navigation, plus input from the members for who should/shouldn't get folders.
-Less work and stress on the moderator team.

-All of the artwork from when the group first started will be lost and/or have to be re-submitted.
-To keep from overloading the mods [especially for the holiday season], submissions will still be kept at One deviation per week, per folder.
-The gallery will be pretty bare bones for a few weeks.

So, with that being said, which would you prefer happened? I'll keep the debate open for a week, then we'll make our final choice on what to do. Moderators are of course free to take part in discussion. I think it's important that the members of our community, no matter what rank, talk about something like this, so that as many people can be happy about it as possible.

Most importantly, for this debate do not speak for others, do not be offensive, do not troll and most importantly, expression your opinion on this subject, talk to others, and see where it takes us!

In addition to this, I plan on adding several new folders regardless.
-Equestria Girls
-Crystal Empire
>Sub-folder Crystal Ponies
>Sub-folder Crystal Designs
-de Lancie Pony
>Changelings sub-folder on Queen Chrysalis' folder
>Chrysalis as Cadence sub-folder

IF the gallery has a complete wipe, I plan on implementing folder changes such as specific folders for types of OCs. IE: Pegasi, Unicrosn, Earth Ponies, Zebras, Griffons, Dragons, Bat-Ponies, Alicorns, Mules/Donkeys/Burrows, Changelings, and then "Other Non-ponies" for anything that doesn't fit in those other categories, such as quilin, zebracorns, or invented/adapted species, such as flutter ponies, gem ponies, or sea ponies, or those horses from Saddle-Raibia. If not, well, maybe we'll talk about doing that and just removing the OC folders.

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