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An announcement form :iconfifth--element:

Hello everypony!

MLP-FiM is the largest group dedicated to ponies on deviantART, with over a million pageviews. Thus, we get thousands of submissions on a weekly basis here.

Though we do our best, as has been noticed by several submitters, we aren't able to get to all of the wonderful work submitted to this group. So, we're making a call for new moderators!

Everypony is free to apply as a moderator, with a few requirements:

-Previous group experience is helpful, but not necessary.
-Full time activity is a must! We need people to be as active as possible in voting on the submissions, so we don't fall behind once again.

Please send a note to me, :iconfifth--element:, if you would like to apply as an admin. Include any and all pertinent information. I'll be asking a few questions to everypony that applies, and then if you fit the bill, we'll have you up and voting in no time!

Thanks everyone!

~Fifth Element

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